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This song is dedicated to my husband ❤
I hope you enjoy it!
The lyrics behind Shiver is inspired by having observed how many couples give up on their relationship when things get difficult, when in fact, all relationships – even the healthy ones with potential to last for a lifetime – need to be worked hard on to maintain. The song is about staying together and holding true to the promise, and that when things get rough, one needs to comfort one another and work actively towards finding solutions, even when emotions have diminished. A true love relationship is built on a promise and determination to stick together through thick and thin, rather than just follow emotions, which can be unstable.
Here's the lyric video for Friends Instead Of Strangers, my most recent release.
I wrote this song in August, inspired by how the Covid-19 crisis had impacted the world society for months. "Friends Instead of Strangers" is an uptempo pop song with a message meant to inspire people to come together in this time of loneliness, and offer a helping "hand" for those in need, in every way we can.
Here's the lyric video for The One, from my EP, Camouflage.
I wrote this song to my husband for our Italian Wedding in Tuscany, Lucca, and the lyric video has pictures from the actual wedding.
I hope you enjoy it!
Imperfectly Perfect is a song that I wrote to my husband on Valentine's Day.
Considering this was the first song I produced in my home studio, and thus the learning curve was steep, I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it! 


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